U.S. Soy is a sustainable solution that helps you win with your customers.

U.S. Soy meets growing global nutrition needs, supports the progress of people and their communities, and provides products and ingredients that enhance quality of life. It provides solutions for the diverse and complex challenges facing consumers and everyone along the supply chain, enabling you at every turn to maximize the value of your investment for ultimate economic benefit.

Animal Nutrition

Maximizing Value Through the Optimal Nutritional Bundle

U.S. Soy serves as a source of complete and essential nutrients for animals providing all nine of the essential amino acids necessary for a healthy diet. Soybean meal derived from U.S. Soy provides better whole soybean quality, consistency, digestible amino acids, and energy content.

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Optimized Nutrition. Advanced Technology. Personalized Support

For many of the world’s top aquaculture producers, the recipe for success relies on ingredients from U.S. Soy. Independent studies consistently show that meal derived from U.S. Soy delivers superior animal performance at the lowest total cost.

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Soybean Oil

Maximizing Value Through High-Quality Soybean Oil

Soybean buyers, crushers and refiners need to evaluate soybeans based on the value of the oil. U.S. soybeans produce high-quality crude soybean oil with higher refining rates and lower refining costs.

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Soy Foods

U.S. Soy, A Source of Complete and Essential Nutrients for Both People and Animals

As the global population rises to an estimated 10 billion people by the 2050s, U.S.-grown soy can fulfill an essential role in feeding the world.

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High Oleic Soybean Oil

Delivering Superior Oil Value

Consumers want to eat healthier, and they are looking for simple ways to do it. High oleic soybean oil nutrition, heart-health and functional benefits for consumers and oil companies include:

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Maximizing Value Through Responsible, Sustainable Leadership

Through sustainable farming practices U.S. Soy farmers help to address some of today’s biggest societal challenges producing sustainable food, feed, and energy to nourish a growing population and preserving the planet for future generations.

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Services & Tools

Maximizing Value Through Transparent Data and Tools

Innovative tech tools and services enable customers to make science-based, data-driven decisions about soybean meal, soybean oil, soybeans for crush, and sourcing specialty food-grade soybean varieties.

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